Sonic 06


Hello, If your reading this, your reading the first ever terrible games post, Post all of you crappiest games here!

Sonic 06... oh Sonic 06, What a piece of work.Th crappy controls, the most gliches in one video game...Terrible.

The graphics that make anyone throw up, The one thing in this game that really makes it bad IS THAT SONIC HAS A RELATION SHIP WITH A F!#@ING HUMAN GIRL! I dont reall nitpick this stuff, BUT SONIC 06 TAKES THE CAKE FOR THIS S#!@.

Thats all, have fun posting your storys of terrible games,


P.S check out MAH other storys at Creepypasta.

02:33, June 24, 2012 (UTC)~The coat 91 AKA chris

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